Plumbing issues can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and mishaps. These can vary from dripping taps, all the way to a blocked drain or sewer backup, which can cause severe damage to the property by destroying the walls and flooring.

Below are the most common problems, their causes and how they can be fixed. However, many of these issues will need the professional experience of a plumber.

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  1. Slow draining sink

This is typically caused by a blockage that is restricting the flow of water normally due to congealed fat and food scraps in your kitchen sink, whereas bathroom blockages can be due to tangled hair.

There are various DIY steps you can take to stop this from happening, however if this issue doesn’t get tackled fast, it can lead to a completely blocked drain.

  1. Running toilet

A running toilet can cost your home up to 200 gallons of water each day. The common cause of this is due to a faulty valve which controls the water passing from the tank to the bowl. This can easily be fixed with kits available from hardware stores.

However, another problem may be due to a silent leak, causing your water bill to be high. Look here for ways to test this.

  1. Leaking pipes

Leaking pipes can cause significant damage to walls, flooring and furniture which can encourage bugs to live in your home. Leaks typically at pipe joints and temporary fixes include fillers, tape and compounds however this is something that needs to be permanently fixed. Causes here.

We recommend contacting a plumber for your leaking pipes.