Tips to saving energy at home

Saving Money around the Home

While the prices of gas & electricity are constantly rising, there are lots of little things that we can do around our home, and some larger things too, that will help to reduce the cost of our energy bills.

Here is a list of some of the easiest things you can do to help reduce your bills:

Turn off electrical items not being used

This could be anything from your television to your laptop charger. When you aren’t using it or when you finish with it, turn it off at the wall. Once in the morning and once in the evening ensure that you walk around your home and make sure that nothing that isn’t being used is left on.

This will soon add up over the year and can save you quite a few pounds.

Switch your light bulbs to energy-saving ones

This will have a really cheap outlay, particularly if you shop in any of the big supermarkets who seem to have frequent special offers on these light bulbs. Some of the big energy companies will even send you some of these light bulbs for free.

While receiving a little less light in darkness terms you will be very surprised by just how much you can save from something that is such a little change.

Energy Lightbulbs

Turn down your thermostat

If you turn your thermostat down by just one degree you probably won’t even notice the difference, except when it comes to your energy bills. You could save £’s every single month just from this small change, even more, if you turn it down just 2 or 3 degrees. Find out more.

This won’t impact on the quality of the comfort of your home but could reduce your bills significantly.

Shower instead of bathing

This is a way to save a huge amount of water every single day, particularly if you have a large household who are all willing to partake in this. You can even get the kids involved by seeing who can have the quickest shower while being deemed the cleanest by Mum or Dad.

Saving Energy

There are many fantastic ways of saving energy and these are just some of the smaller things that are going to help you save a small fortune throughout the year. This is going to be particularly important as the prices of gas and electricity continue rising year after year.

Once you get into these little habits such as turning off lights when you leave a room and turning off appliances when they aren’t in use, you will be amazed by the difference it has over a year or even just over a quarter.

Saving energy ideas

Bigger investments

There are some larger options that you can also try, mainly those which cost money, and these can be a fantastic investment for your home ensuring that you save money and that you do your bit for the environment by being more energy-efficient.

Actually 9 out of 10 appliances around your house can be turned off, thus saving you about 56 pounds a month.

Some of the best ideas include insulating your home, having double glazing fitted, triple if you won’t afford it, having solar panels fitted to the roof of your home, lining your home with thick curtains and draft excluders. Rubber roofing is also a great investment at reducing your energy costs due to how efficient it really is. It is also environmentally friendly.

You really will be amazed at the amount of money you can save by spending out initially on some of these bigger ideas. Your home will look and feel better and a good energy efficiency rating can even be an attractive selling feature these days.