At first glance, you might think the only thing you can do to upgrade your kitchen is to do a complete refit, but the smallest details can make a world of difference.

Property Maintenance

Your Bathroom Renovation

Correctly Disposing of your Waste

Throughout the bathroom renovation process, a lot of waste is going to be generated. This is from old flooring, wallpaper, plastering and even old bathtubs and sinks being thrown away. A fully licensed, insured and trusted waste collection company will be able to dispose of your rubbish in a safe and responsible manner, making the renovation process much easier.

Through our own experiences, we highly recommend Rubbish Clearance Ltd who is one of London’s leading and most trusted rubbish clearance companies. People use RCL as they lift, load and tidy all of the rubbish legally in registered dump sites.

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Electric Showers

Where there is an insufficient supply of stored or instant hot water, an electric shower is the solution and has the advantage of being more flexible in where it is fitted – as it is not dependent on the position of the header tank – as well as being cheap and easier to fit.

Water is fed directly from the mains and passed over an electric heater, located in a copper cylinder in the wall unit, producing hot water on demand. The shower’s flow rate depends on its power and the water pressure, but unfortunately cannot be increased with the addition of a pump.

If you are dealing with any of these or similar problems, you should consider hiring a building company who is experienced and know exactly how to fix these issues for you. See recommendations.

All-Star Systems is a first-class plumbing company that works across Norfolk. Other services include boosted water systems and heating.

Common problems

Failure to regulate temperature – If you see that your thermostatic valves fail to regulate water, then you should look for dirt in the check valves. This can prevent the valves from opening.

Another problem can be that the water pipes are installed backwards. This can affect the system because the thermostatic valves have a cold and a hot side.

Failure of Hot and Cold Water to Mix the first thing you need to do is check the water pressure at the inlets. The proper mixing cannot take place if there is any obstruction, loose-fitting, or damaged line. If the showerhead is partially blocked, then this can be another problem. To solve the problem, take it off and clean it from debris.

Water is either too hot or too cold again; this can be a problem with dirt in the valves.

Another issue can be the calibration. Most of the times, the system comes with some calibration instructions. What you need to do is remove the face of the handle and there will be an adjustment screw in which you can couple with a thermometer and adjust the setting.

Low water pressure this can be a cause of the debris in the valve or even a blocked shower head. Also it can be a problem with the debris in the cartridge or a water pressure problem elsewhere.