Moving retail premises

Your Checklist for Moving Retail Location

It can be an incredibly stressful thing to pack up your business and move it to another premise. Moving can be a full-time job in itself, except you still have to make money whilst doing so.

Before the move date

  • Work out a timeline – what has to be done, and by when? Consider getting boxes, packing, signing contracts, key drops, vehicles, time to clean the old location. Call in favours from friends who would be willing to lend time, a vehicle or muscle power. You may also have to hire a company to do so.
  • Book in with a removal company or hire a van – overestimate how long it will take, as you don’t want to be caught short.
  • Official changes of is a free service which helps you notify various organisations of your change of address – council, energy providers, banks, phone, broadband, subscriptions and memberships. This also includes things such as websites and letting your customers know.
  • Get rid of any rubbish – if you’ve been operating somewhere a long time, you may have accumulated a few things you no longer need. Hire a skip if you need to, take things to charity shops, and use Gumtree, Freecycle or eBay. You can also put a sale on to get rid of old stock.
  • Pack methodically – pack one section at a time, considering the essential items you will need straight away? Make sure they’re all easy to get at. Clearly label the top and side of boxes with the contents and section of the shop they belong to.
  • Organise any renovation projects – when moving shop, you may have to schedule in your building works before you move in. This could involve the installation of automatic doors, shop fit-outs, window installation, as well as flooring and wall painting. You may also want to talk to a company that designs and installs shop fronts as they can resemble the true theme of your company.

On the day

  • Be ready for the unexpected – furniture may not fit easily, the real estate agent may be delayed with the keys, the removalist may be caught in traffic.  Make sure your phone is charged – you may have to use it a lot.
  • Check the meters – make note of them so you can inform your providers.
  • Order in dinner for the team – you WILL be hungry! It’s also a nice way to thank any friends who helped you out. Make sure you check out menus and phone numbers beforehand – you may not have internet access.